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Berkshaw Condominium Management Corp is an established company that provides high-level expertise in condominium management.  We are a family owned and operated organization that provides consulting services to the board of directors and owners.  We are responsible for the management, maintenance and repairs of our client’s communities.

Our management team is committed to learn all about your community and its specific needs to ensure all systems are running efficiently with a huge emphasis on communication and Customer care! .  We facilitate knowledge and expertise with board members to assist them in choosing services that best fit the goals of the community.  We supervise staff, facilitate project management functions, perform bookkeeping tasks using state of the art management software and ensure that condo fees are collected in a timely fashion.

Berkshaw follows specific project management processes that help implement and manage the tasks associated with those services.  We are a go to resource for your community with personalized service that is dependable, we will go that extra mile!

That is how we build trust, credibility, and rapport with your board and your residents. We care about our customers and their success as owners within a community that values and cherishes their interest in the property.