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Our team is here to help coordinate:

  • Annual General meeting and other regular board meetings.
  • We assist the board  secretary with logging and managing meeting minutes
  • Organize all of your corporation documents and provide after-hours emergency response 24/7.
  • Obtain quotes and outsource work related to the maintenance of all common areas.
  • All Inclusive management and customer care services
  • Our finance and accounting team will handle all of your financial reports, budget planning and corporate reporting.
  • We double-check every transaction to make sure your board is always on budget.
  • Serve as a Board advisor.
  • Providing guidance with Reserve Fund Studies and attending related special meetings (in addition to Board meetings)
  • Attend 6 meetings annually for effective in person communication with the owners and Berkshaw’s consultant.
  • Log Recorded board meeting minutes into our software to building files.
  • Act as a liaison between the Board and individual owners.
  • Prepare legal and financial documents.
  • Maintain accounting records and provide monthly financial reports.
  • Regular Monthly site visits by Berkshaw’s maintenance representative.
  • Collect and deposit condo fees into the Condominium Corporation’s bank account.
  • Project Management – enact the processes, acquire and manage vendors.
  • Negotiate comprehensive Corporation insurance.
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable.
  • Respond to emergency and after-hours calls.
  • Developing the Corporation’s proposed annual budget.
  • Assisting with By-law revisions and amendments.
  • Manage the Corporation’s New Owner Booklet, Safety Manuals and the Board Policy Book.
  • Holding educational seminars for Boards on topical condominium issues.
  • Monthly updates & reports shall address all variations in expenses and incomes, comments on significant operational issues, provides an update on the status of any current project
  • Ensure all budgets and finances adhere to applicable financial and legal compliance

Our condo and project management software gives your community the tools they need to track progress and keep the lines of communication open between board members, residents and your condo manager.

Budgeting – Building Manager who is dedicated to making your real estate assets succeed. They will work closely with you to establish an asset management budget and individual building budgets that will help the properties run efficiently and maximize the building valuations.

We assist with negotiating the best insurance coverage and rates for your community, our project management team is able to consult with insurance claims and arrange for required replacement cost appraisal. We also keep your board advised about the insurance requirements of your bylaws and the Condominium Property Act within Alberta.