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BERKSHAW Condominium Management software

Industry specific software that drives economies of scale through automation for accounting, condominium management and administration. Financial reporting for condos making it easy to track and manage your community.

Condominium Management Software:

  • Integration with leading industry vendors for utility billing, all Canadian banking, community websites, payment programs and more.
  • We can generate budgets in a snap with excel like grid and export for analysis. Copy from one year to the next, view three (3) years and so much more, including colour pie chart reporting.
  • Our divisions accounting puts us in control to quickly identify reserve fund expenses at meetings and reduce audit time.
  • All the A/P and A/R for monthly financial cycle, can be an automated processes to save time and mitigate errors. Direct payment file generation for all Canadian banks
  • The Bank reconciliation system enables a cheque register for a specified approved account, handling of late fees and interest at the same.
  • We have customizable financial reporting for Revenue and Expense, Balance Sheet and so much more to maintain and or grow your portfolio!
  • Project Management software
  • Our system adopts the fundamentals of Project Management by following Project Management Best Practices
  • Each project requires a Scope, Schedule, Budget, Quality, Resources, Communications, Risk Plans, Procurement plans.  Our system effectively facilitates each process and logs the progress.
  • The software maintains the project work breakdown structure, develops the schedule, tracks budget, plans for quality, manages resources, provides status reports, manages risk plans and procurement plans
  • The Service/Work Order module drives consistency within the organization with complete vendor database integration to track and report on for each meeting by unit and property.
  • Our software enables preventative maintenance with defined service, insurance, warranty periods and renewal notifications.
  • Vendor management for a specified community with insurance management, all integrated with work orders.
  • We can generate a multitude of reports that can be customized to fit the needs of the corporation.